Hot New Verizon FIOS Promo Code For 2013

As everything is getting expensive with changing times so have many things been affected, and one such sector which has been hit quite badly is cable no one wants to pay a huge amount for watching certain channels, everyone today knows the importance of money and whilst one does he want more of value proposition from his spent sum of money, this is where hot new verizon fios promo code for 2013 help the common man.

Thereby the hot new verizon fios promo code for 2013 has given discounts in many things like television, internet which offers a wide variety of options for the user and nowadays with technology growing everyday producing more better and enhanced products.

Well in today’s time everyone wants most of the services in a bundle and so the services are basically bundled and give some of them is:

Hot New Verizon FIOS Promo Code For 2013FiOS Promotion Bundle 1

This basically comes with a free 300 $ prepaid visa gift card, other benefits of are of FiOS prime TV, FiOS internet with a incredible speed of 15 mbps and Verizon home phone with unlimited calling enjoy to further complement things a free wireless router is included and you can get discount almost half on Hbo for complete 12 months.

FIOS Promotion Bundle 2

This comes with 69.99$ deal, Now to further intrigue you here is what is worth buying, in this particular bundle you get a combination of TV channels, you will be open to all the good channels as well as local broadcasting stations to further make things good the net speed is as same as in bundle one and for those who are choosy about the things they here is something they can purchase.

FIOS Promotion Bundle 3

This is basically a deal of 79.99$ with more or less having same features but one thing is different that is 195+ channels and that too in HD.

So what are you waiting for run to your nearest store and claim what is rightfully yours the hot new verizon fios promo code for 2013!